Bathroom: Umbra Collaboration [Video]

I've teamed up with the amazing brand Umbra to bring you a decked out condo-sized bathroom using my favourite of their products! The designers at Umbra are pushing the boundaries of design and making products that are versatile and multi functional, ideal for city dwellers where space and storage are limited! Read my Umbra blogpost where I talk tips on how to make the most of a small bathroom. My hopes are to inspire you to think outside the box when decorating your home, to use unconventional items in new ways to benefit your space and the way it functions for you!

Talk Bubble Magnet - Umbra

Soap Dispenser - Umbra

Toilet Paper Holder - Umbra

Waste Bin - Umbra

Toilet Brush - Umbra

Door Hook - Umbra

Toothbrush Holder - Umbra 

Picture Frame - EQ3

Wallpaper - Van Gogh Museum

Ladder - Umbra

Bookshelf - Umbra

Display Cabinet - Umbra

Acrylic Stool - Umbra

Shower Caddy - Umbra

Buddy Hook - Umbra