How to Liven up your home for FREE!

Do you want to liven up your home but have $0 to spend? Well great... Here is a quick and FREE tip to use... and it only takes 5 minutes!

Now that we've approached summer and we all want a piece of that sun, it's time to open your windows. It sounds pretty straight forward, but here are the reasons I think opening your windows is so important...

1. You are filling your home with fresh air, the circulation of air flow will clear out stuffy and dusty homes.. It is also great for clearing up condensation on window sills, which if left untouched could lead to mould!

2.  On a psychological level, opening your windows allows you to be present with the outdoors, nature, birds, people... and allows us that much needed 'outdoor time', even while we're busy inside.

3. Opening your windows forces you to open your blinds and draw back your draperies, which lets that good sunlight to flow in and rejuvenate. Vitamin D is something so many of us (in Canada) are in dire need of!

In addition to this quick tip, tidy your home and put things back in their place.. You'll be amazed at how lively your home will feel.

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