FIRST IMPRESSION: Balloon Dog [Video]

I'm releasing a new series called FIRST IMPRESSIONS! I will be unboxing and reviewing home decor products to give you my thoughts.. whether they're worth the money, quality, shipping time, practicality and if I generally like them or not! Watch my review on this Balloon Dog below...

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How to Liven up your home for FREE!

Do you want to liven up your home but have $0 to spend? Well great... Here is a quick and FREE tip to use... and it only takes 5 minutes!

Now that we've approached summer and we all want a piece of that sun, it's time to open your windows. It sounds pretty straight forward, but here are the reasons I think opening your windows is so important...

1. You are filling your home with fresh air, the circulation of air flow will clear out stuffy and dusty homes.. It is also great for clearing up condensation on window sills, which if left untouched could lead to mould!

2.  On a psychological level, opening your windows allows you to be present with the outdoors, nature, birds, people... and allows us that much needed 'outdoor time', even while we're busy inside.

3. Opening your windows forces you to open your blinds and draw back your draperies, which lets that good sunlight to flow in and rejuvenate. Vitamin D is something so many of us (in Canada) are in dire need of!

In addition to this quick tip, tidy your home and put things back in their place.. You'll be amazed at how lively your home will feel.

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My Top 5 Decor Stores in Toronto [Video]

Part of my job is discovering new places to shop at to find beautiful decor items. I wanted to do a video sharing with you my Top 5 favourite local stores to shop at in Toronto! I love discovering new places and want to give a nod to the stores that I feel have gotten it right! I urge you all to check these stores out in person, they have so many things I know you will love! I would love to know where you shop, leave me a comment!

Stores Listed:
Ma Zone 
Black Rooster Decor 


Spring Promo: 25% off Design & Decor Services!

As the weather warms and spirits are lifted I've decided it's the perfect time to offer a spring sale on my design & decor services! If you or someone you know is thinking about decorating their place, fill out the form below to set up a consultation!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Bathroom: Umbra Collaboration [Video]

I've teamed up with the amazing brand Umbra to bring you a decked out condo-sized bathroom using my favourite of their products! The designers at Umbra are pushing the boundaries of design and making products that are versatile and multi functional, ideal for city dwellers where space and storage are limited! Read my Umbra blogpost where I talk tips on how to make the most of a small bathroom. My hopes are to inspire you to think outside the box when decorating your home, to use unconventional items in new ways to benefit your space and the way it functions for you!

Talk Bubble Magnet - Umbra

Soap Dispenser - Umbra

Toilet Paper Holder - Umbra

Waste Bin - Umbra

Toilet Brush - Umbra

Door Hook - Umbra

Toothbrush Holder - Umbra 

Picture Frame - EQ3

Wallpaper - Van Gogh Museum

Ladder - Umbra

Bookshelf - Umbra

Display Cabinet - Umbra

Acrylic Stool - Umbra

Shower Caddy - Umbra

Buddy Hook - Umbra

Hanover Avenue Interview


There's a special thing that happens when you work with people you genuinely believe in with a service you support. I was pleased to have the opportunity to do a sit down interview with the lovely Anne Tollett, Interior Designer and founder of Hanover Avenue. Hanover Avenue is changing the way you make your house beautiful. By interviewing Interior Designers and featuring their most recent or favourite projects, you get an inside look at why design decisions are made, what works, what doesn't, and tips that you can apply to your own home. Adore the look featured? Well, Hanover Avenue provides you with specs of each product used, you can print and cut them out which gives you the opportunity to make a layout that works in your own space. What's so beautiful about this service is that it allows you, no matter how big or small your budget, to obtain a tangible design that you know you will love.


Click here to see my interview with Anne Tollett and to learn about my design process for my recent contemporary nursery


To learn more about Anne Tollett and the Hanover Avenue team, see links below: